About Oxychem

Descon Oxychem was established in 2008, and has rapidly grown to be the market leader in Pakistan’s intensively competitive Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) market. It has also established a geographical footprint in international regional markets. It has world-class manufacturing assets, R&D, and national / international supply chain capabilities. The company’s corporate offices are located in Sheikhupura, along with its manufacturing and R&D facilities.

The company is a part of Descon's Chemicals line of business. It is operated the Descon way, driving business and being responsible. This implies sustainable chemistry, respecting the people and the environment, acting as a responsible player, taking into account and meeting sustainable challenges faced by our stakeholders.

With an unyielding commitment to hygiene, safety, environment and sustainable development at its core, backed by an experienced team, the company provides exemplary customer service, product quality, uninterrupted supply chain, and technical service. On 30 June 2016, the business crossed 4.8 million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury, validating its mission.

We supply customized chemistries for textiles, food/ beverage safety, and other industrial and consumer markets. Further, Descon is actively exploring growth in international markets for pulp & paper, cosmetics, and electronics manufacturing.

Our expertise and know-how is the bedrock of our relationships with customers and how we conduct business with them. The company values its long-term relationships with its clients, and works determinedly to provide innovative ways to meet their current and future needs. To further our customer dedication, the company is a pioneer in Pakistan in providing bulk product storage and handling systems at clients’ sites. The company provides cost-effective support equipment and alternatives for low cost robust solutions. The company’s  field engineering team provides on-site system fabrication, maintenance, system passivation and commissioning services for new installations.

The company’s regulatory team ensures that the product being applied is appropriate for intended applications, and provides guidance to the business as the business innovates new products and applications. Descon’s extensive in-house laboratory facilities assist in providing extensive validation data. In addition, the organization has this information verified by third-party independent international accreditation agencies.

Moving to global markets, the HP market is forecast to reach 4.6 million tons by 2017. It comprises one of the largest markets, contributing 12-15% of the total worldwide chemical industry revenues. The major components of HP based applications including textiles, pulp & paper and semi-conductor industry are expected to influence demand for peroxide over the next ten years. All major trends in the peroxide industry are forecast to be in synchrony with the movements in key end-use markets. Scale, modern technology, low manufacturing costs and high quality products are considered key drivers for building sustainable competitive advantage.

Descon Oxychem is well positioned to benefit from market growth opportunities in Pakistan and the serviced international geographies. Its business model, state of the art technology, impeccable product quality, extensive customer service outreach, and close partnerships with its customers give Descon a promising future.

CEO`s Message

Descon Oxychem offers the largest and the most complete product line of Hydrogen Peroxide products. Our products offer top of the line, world class range that meet all international safety, quality and sustainability standards.

As a company, we continue to ensure a commitment to the chemical industry and the communities that we serve. There are four overarching aims:  by research and innovation to build a better future; to protect and sustain the environment that we collectively share; to provide quality products and services to our customers, consequently offering higher return to our shareholders; ensuring maximum satisfaction to our employees and stakeholders.

Descon finds innovative ways  of connecting science to the marketplace – helping customers developing solutions to complex problems. In doing so, we increase the value of the company to its stakeholders, and fulfill our responsibility to our shareholders, our owners.

Making this happen demand an yielding focus on our value drivers – the ingrained cost discipline that increases returns, combined with strategic decision making, and successful portfolio management for our stakeholders now, while securing the future of new solutions and outcomes that we expect from science-driven innovations. To these ends, we have substantially reshaped and retooled our company to ensure that we are consistently and responsibly offering the highest value to our customers.

This program of change has taken direct aim at the company’s productivity and shifted the company’s portfolio to center on the highest potential opportunities where Descon’s science and engineering can deliver the greatest value.

We know that we have much work to do. Ongoing portfolio change, operating model redesign, targeted investments and a focus on productivity are driving the next phase of significant profitable growth, as the next generation of Descon fully emerges.


The mission is underpinned by four principles including safety, innovation, sustainability and customer focus.

Our excellent safety record is an integral part of our company’s heritage. An incident-free workplace is our first priority and foremost goal.

We pride ourselves on quality products and innovative applications that are developed as a result of ingenuity and technical expertise. Industry demands constantly evolve, and we keep pace with this evolution.

As an industry leader with an international footprint, we know that progress happens with hard work, a commitment to success and most of all, sustainable and safe practices.

The strength and value of our business lies in our people and their commitment to working with customers to provide solutions, technical expertise and exceptional support to meet all customers’ needs.


Our vision is to be the leading Pakistan supplier of choice for all oxidative solutions based on hydrogen peroxide, complemented by contiguous technologies for the textile, food safety, environmental and other industrial markets.

At Descon Oxychem, we are committed to conducting our business honestly and ethically, complying with all applicable laws – this is our commitment to integrity. Our values exemplify our dedication to the highest standards of corporate responsibility towards all its stakeholders.

Management Team