July 21,2020

Q-Chem Writes Letter of Appreciation to Descon

Descon believes in fostering a company culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships. Hence it is a matter of great pride for Descon Engineering Qatar to recently receive direct appreciation from a very important client, Qatar Chemical Company Limited (Q-Chem). Descon has been a partner of choice for Q-Chem for the past many years. Mr. Jay Bickett, A/CEO Q-Chem recently wrote an appreciation letter to Nadeem Bajwa, CEO Descon Engineering, appreciating the efforts put in by Descon to safely complete the Q-Chem TA 2020. He writes, “With Descon as our Main TA partner, we have executed one of the safest, simultaneous turnarounds ever in the history of Q-Chem and RLOC. Together we accomplished zero recordable injuries, zero process safety events and zero environmental events. This achievement was only possible with the excellent contribution, teamwork and commitment from Descon’s senior management, site leadership and a safety focused workforce. Also, we recognize Descon’s effective management of the huge workforce deployed, logistics involved to manage such unprecedented scope, management of other external issues and the challenges imposed on it due to the COVID-19 situation.”

Descon believes in creating HSE performance be one of the main indicators of administrative excellence by assimilating HSE into Descon’s business procedures thereby sustaining growth, complying with social obligations, protecting the human loss, and the environment. This landmark imitates the company’s firm pledge to safety.

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