Aafiah Khan

Aafiah Khan is a Telecommunications Engineer by profession, having graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney.

She started her career in Automation, working for ControlTec Automation, Sydney in 1999, where she worked as a Control Systems Engineer, Head of Engineering, moving on to becoming a partner in the organization. She has worked on implementing control systems for several industries including; MMM, WWW, F&B, and Defense. Having spent 8 years in a small organization, she decided to move to a multinational origination to further enhance her career and joined Schneider Electric in 2007. There she held a number of commercial positions including the Global Product Manager for Schneider’s SCADA system and Head of Technical Services globally. She has been involved in launching new product offerings for various markets, as well as worked on the inception of Schneider’s Hybrid DCS offering. During her career in Schneider Electric, she has worked for the Global, Australian and French organizations.

With a career dedicated to Automation for the past 2 decades, she moved back to Pakistan in 2017 to head Descon’s Automation and Control Business Unit based in Lahore, hoping to cement Descon’s position as the leading Automation solutions provider in the country.